PESTECH believes that engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs will help to fuel the social and economic growth of the country. It is always PESTECH’s goal to bring value through our existence and creating a positive impact on our employees, community and environment.

Progression comes when we are involved in the community and its people. To guide us on this path, a PESTECH – CARE program was initiated. For the Group, our CSR programs start in the form of caring and extending a helping hand to the society that we operate in.



Simple acts of caring can bring a smile. PESTECH knows this very well, observing from various helping hand extended to the less fortunate over the years. Our approach is aimed at bringing value that will benefit the community by organizing various community care program as well as actively participate in the program organized by the local authorities and private institutions.


PESTECH supports and organizes activities that contribute towards nation building, particularly in the electrical engineering sector by providing education sponsorship, training and opportunities to new talents. Click here to find out more about the PESTECH CARE Undergraduate/ Postgraduate Scholarship Program.


Our commitment to the community goes way beyond the industry in which we operate in. PESTECH has always provided support to health-related care and efforts as we believe everyone should have live life with dignity no matter what state they are in.


The future of the environment depends on us and what we do now. PESTECH supports environmental protection initiatives, and encourages our employees to carry out their own environmental duties. PESTECH's policy under its environmental care is based on the tagline "Taking Care of Our Home".