Rural Electrification

Our renewable based Micro-grid solution (“Diesel Replacement” Solution) brings electrical power to rural and remote areas.

How does it work?

  • (1) During PV generation hours Energy Server supplies the load directly.
  • (3) concurrently charges the storage with the excess PV generation
  • (4) when PV generation ends, the Server switches energy source to storage and supplies the Load till the next morning.
  • PV and Storage, are the primary source of power, supplying 100% of daily consumption and of peak load.


Advantages of Centauri

  • Centauri is a singular, integrated, software and hardware platform. No additional hardware, software, switching, or monitoring solutions are required.
  • High efficiency, resilience and error free operation
  • Capacity can be increased with growing demand
  • Centauri has design life of 20 years while Sirius has projected calendar life of 45 years
  • No replacement or disposal cost
  • PV Plant is optimized because of the high roundtrip efficiently
  • Optimization of energy input sources
  • Centauri can deliver sequential or blended power from input sources (AC/ DC)

Micro-Grid: Containerized Solution

Advantage of Centauri