PESTECH is committed in empowering the off-grid communities to improve their lives through renewable energy solutions. In our efforts to expand in this area, we have implemented the Renewable-Based Microgrid solution at Kampung Batu 23, Tapah.

The solution consists of 3.4kW solar panels, energy server and supercapacitor-based energy storage banks, served as a long term, cost-saving solution due to its low maintenance cost. It has a storage life cycle of 45 years; thus, the replacement and disposal costs are deferred. In addition, the equipment is environmental-friendly as the Super Capacitor-based energy storage is non-toxic and has no risk of thermal runaway.

This solution benefited 15 houses and impacted over 100 villagers living in houses that has no access to electricity for the past 20 years due to its remote location.

With installation of this solution, the living condition of the community has been improved as they can now enjoy electricity generated from Solar Energy to illuminate their house and use electrical appliances.