Plant & Machinery

PESTECH has a wide range of Plant & Machineries to cater for on track rail electrification work like Unimog, the road/rail tip trucks, full set of locomotive and various type of Manco Nifty Lift Aerial Work Platform.

Having full range of rail electrification plants and machineries poised us to become your preferred electrification (Overhead catenary system and traction power system) contractor. Our plants and machineries allow fully mechanised installation of electrification works for overhead catenary system from pole planting, cantilever installation, stringing of catenary/contact wires to registration and testing & commissioning activities. Most of our plants and machineries are suitable for both rail and road operation.

All machineries had obtained local authority’s approval to carry out railway electrification work in Malaysia.


Type of Machinery

  • Rail Lowbed Transporter
  • Road/Rail Flat Deck Truck (Unimog)
  • Road/Rail Truck with Adjustable Platform (Unimog)
  • Road/Rail Truck with Auger (Unimog)
  • Road/Rail Excavator with Auger
  • Road/Rail Manco with Work Platform (AWP)
  • Road/Rail Manco with Work Platform (EWP)
  • Rail Waiko with Work Platform (EWP) 
  • Rail Wiring Train (Clayton Loco with completed Wagon Tensioner with Crane)
  • Diesel Bowser truck
  • Road Auger Crane
  • Road Manitou Telehandler 
  • Road/Rail 20T Crane with Auger 1