Communication & Teleprotection Panel

We specialised in Systems Engineering that offers a unique mix of communications and protection expertise. We provide individually- designed solutions incorporating Synchoronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) as the transmission media, and RFL Multiplexer and Teleprotection products all in one panel. This capability ensures that our solutions are ideally tailored to your unique requirements.

Designed specifically for the unique need of the harsh substation environments, comply to ANSI/ IEEE/ IEC standards with respect to RFI, SWC, EMI and Fast Transient requirement.

Key Features

  • Completeness
    A comprehensive range of network elements for all transmission need.
  • Flexibility
    A wide range of interfaces unique to the utility and the transportation market is offered. It also offers a wide range of Voice and Data, Status, Telemetry, Ethernet, Transfer Trio and Video channel interfaces to meet most communications requirements.
  • Reliability
    In all applications various network protection mechanism is provided.
  • Automation
    All SDH, Access Multiplexer and Teleprotection equipment offer ultimate Network Management System.
  • Modular Design
    Incorporates a midplane/ backplane motherboard design. This eliminates the need for internal chassis wiring when adding new channel cards, simplifying the upgrade.
  • Simplicity
    With SDH, Access Multiplexer and Teleprotection all in one panel, eliminating length of intermediate wirings hence further reduce unnecessary noise induce in cables.
  • System Support
    One support for different equipment, reduce system down time while waiting for different supports from different vendors.

Our principal, RFL offers a focused range if communication and relaying products for the electric utility market, which includes T1/E1 Multiplexer and SONET/SDH multiplexer, Substation Ethernet switches, a complete range of protective relays, Satellite Communications, Analogue and Digital Powerline Carrier, Coupling Equipment, Telemetry, Teleprotection, and Video systems, of which the E1 Access Multiplexer, IMUX2000 & IMUX DACs, Teleprotection GARD8000 are widely used in TNB (Malaysia) network.