PESTECH had entered into a strategic partnership with Port Klang Free Trade Zone Sdn Bhd (“PKFZ”) for a proposed collaboration on exploring opportunity of providing roof top solar power solutions and establishing green renewable energy initiative programme in the free commercial and industrial zone located in Port Klang.

PKFZ is an integrated 1,000-acre Free Commercial and Industrial Zone providing facilities for international cargo distribution and consolidation centre. It offers consolidated facilities where factories and logistics firms can be located in the same zone so as to allow for easier coordination and smoother supply chain management.

With the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) on 23 October 2019, both parties agreed to explore potential power and energy related opportunity by utilising its network and know-how technology in the pursuit of opportunities in the market.

This MoU was signed in line with the PKFZ’s Transformation Master Plan (“TMP”) launched by YB Tuan Anthony Loke, Minister of Transport for the enhancement of PKFZ’s assets utilisation to better serve the future growth of the regional maritime trade and logistics industry.

In conjunction with the MoU, PESTECH’s wholly-owned subsidiary, PESTECH Power Sdn Bhd (“PPW”) had incorporated a subsidiary named PESTECH REI Sdn Bhd (“PRE”) for the purpose of undertaking the renewable energy initiative programme.