Our environmental program is an initiative to inspire our employees to care the nature and instil a sense of environmental responsibility within them. We have collaborated with Malaysia Nature Society (“MNS”) in organising environmental program activities. 

PESTECH has donated and planted 100 units of Merbau Trees to preserve Bukit Persekutuan in Kuala Lumpur. We have selected Merbau Tree because this tree has been selected as the national tree of Malaysia. It symbolises the integrity of the country’s forest as a result of sustainable management and conversation of biodiversity. Furthermore, Merbau seedlings are the most abundant amongst other forest plants. 

The objective of this activity is to ensure that Bukit Persekutuan vegetation is improved and to rehabilitate the damaged area in the vicinity. Bukit Persekutuan, previously known as Federal Hill, is one of the Kuala Lumpur’s last remaining green lungs. The Hill represented regenerated lowland and lower hill mixed secondary forest scattered along the hill slopes, streams and gullies. It has approximately 65 species of flora and fauna including local and migratory birds, long-tailed macaques, tree shews and monitor lizards. Plenty of mature forest trees are scattered along the hill slopes and gullies including big timber trees such as tembusu, nyatoh tembaga, jelutong and pulai.