PESTECH had organised the Beach Cleaning and Mangrove Seeds Planting Program with children from Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari at Bagan Lalang Beach, Selangor. This program is a continuous collaboration between PESTECH and the Malaysia Nature Society (“MNS”) in protecting and conserving our nature and environment. 

This program aimed to:

  • educate the children on the importance of taking care of the environment
  • cultivate environmental awareness in children and employees
  • conserve mangrove species from extinction 
  • educate the children and employees on the importance of mangrove trees in the ecosystem. 

The program was participated by 45 children and 5 teachers from Rumah Cahaya Kasih Bestari and some of PESTIONs as volunteers. 

In total, 244 mangrove seeds have been planted and 28kg of waste have been collected.