PESTECH Signs MOU With Hydrogene De France On Potential Green Hydrogen Projects

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PESTECH has signed an MOU with French based, Hydrogène De France SA for potential collaboration on green hydrogen production from hydro power plants in Cambodia and Malaysia.

This is will be a pivot for the group as it is primarily involved in electrical power technology including building transmission lines as well as underground and submarine power cable systems. HDF Energy on the other hand is a global pioneer in hydrogen energy. The French based company develops high-capacity Hydrogen-Power plants and is active in their operation. These plants will provide continuous or on-demand electricity from renewable energy sources (wind or solar), combined with high power fuel cells supplied by HDF Energy.

Among them are, Renewstable (Power To Power): Multi-megawatt power plants, producing stable electricity 24h/day, composed of an intermittent renewable source and on-site hydrogen energy storage. And HyPower (Gas To Power): Multi-megawatt power plants producing electricity on demand from green hydrogen from gas transportation networks.

The green energy company has integrated key fuel-cell know-how and has developed the world’s first mass-production plant for high-power fuel cells for energy, which will be commissioned in 2023. Through this activity, HDF Energy will also serve the mobility, maritime, rail markets, and data center.

Both parties are looking to develop contribute toward sustainable development by participating in green renewables projects in Cambodia and Malaysia. Hydrogen is one of the leading options for storing renewable energy in power generation and can become an alternative fuel for sustainable transportation by providing clean, reliable, safe, convenient, and affordable energy. 

The collaboration with HDF Energy on green hydrogen production is expected to complement and align with the global transition for sustainable energy and net zero emissions in the power generation and rail electrification segments.