Construction Manager

PESTECH Corporation


Nabas, Boracay Philippines

Posted Date : 20th December, 2021
End Date : 19th February, 2022


  • Responsible for the co-ordination and control of the project from the design stage, through to completion and the handover of the project to the client.
  • Regular monitoring and liaison on the Master Program and development of stage/section programs as required.
  • Plan and efficiently organize the site facilities and logistics, ensuring all equipment on site is fit for purpose and only operated by appropriately trained staff.
  • Ensure workmanship and material standards are achieved in accordance with specifications, building regulations, health and safety legislation as well as quality standards.
  • Ensure compliance across the work site.
  • Review all project contracts before submitting to management.


  • Possess Degree in Electrical Engineering.
  • 3-4 years of sales related work in the energy.
  • Experience in business development in ASEAN region is an added benefit.
  • Able to travel in short notice (both locally and internationally - primarily in ASEAN).
  • Able to work in a fast-moving environment and flexibility/interested to learn new technology related to Digitalisation.
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